Our Agenda

Wondrous Occasions, LLC (WO) is a unique event company situated in the Las Vegas metropolitan area with the agenda of organizing events that focus on women empowerment. The agenda of WO is to design and host events that cater to the developing needs of women of color. Events range from pamper party series and ladies night out affairs to business impact seminars and empowerment conferences.

The organization is empowering women of color to discover their true purpose, honor their selves, and be community active. We are calling women to be better lovers, raise strong children while being happy, driven and empowered. Each event is done with a purpose.

Misbehaving Entertainment (MBE), an internal division of Wondrous Occasions LLC develops a unique ladies night affair; featuring signature cocktails, complementary tapas menus, lingerie fashion displays, and dynamic male exotic entertainment.

Wondrous Occasions creates a platform for women to be turnt up, paid up, empowered, sexy and successful.


We produce events that promote women empowerment in all areas of life. We are calling women to be empowered in knowledge of self, hygiene, family planning and business acumen.


We encourage our clientele to indulge in celebration of self and their accomplishments regardless of measure. Women need to take time to celebrate and unwind; reminding their self they have something to be celebrated.


Connection is vital to the human condition. Each event we produce has an element for connection and networking. We must strive to be connected to our community as well as to our inner self.  It is through connection that we learn, grow and prosper

The Team

Lauren Antoinette

Lauren Antoinette






The Events

Wondrous Occasions’ events are all designed with a purpose at its core. We aim to create positive and relaxing atmospheres that allow for growth and empowerment in a wide spectrum of areas:


Career development

Intimacy & Sensuality


Money & Financial planning

Style & Self image


Different events are put on throughout the year that caters to certain areas. Wondrous Occasions’ events place you in touch with other women of color that are navigating in society and business at a level that promotes growth. Attending events with WO places you in positions to increase your personal development, nurture yourself, cultivate a network and enjoy yourself while doing it.

PamperParty_CoverEvery woman needs a little pampering; attending an installment of the Pamper Event Series is the perfect occasion. Pamper events happen every few months and at each event something new is introduced.  Each attendee enjoys facials, foot wraps and a trip to the nail bar, but each time there is a different purpose for the event. Each event you will walk away with more knowledge than you came in with.  Learn More

empowered_womanThis events calls to women who have faced obstacles in their path, any women that has a struggle weighing them down, any women looking for guidance in the mist of ruin, any women that has something to celebrate, and any women that just like to fill uplifted.  This one day out of the year, you are placed in a position to be truly empowered with workshops, discussion forums and a host of other activities that feed into your personal development.

motherdaughter_coverTwo days out of the year, we ask mothers and their daughters to embark on a journey through the bonds of love that exist between a Mother and their legacy. The retreat features key note speakers, workshops, adventures and memorable moments that last a lifetime. Not only must we be strong mothers but we must make sure that we are building the future women of the world to take on the next steps. That is what we aim to do at this retreat.

busseminar_coverWant to know how to start a nonprofit business, write a business plan, learn Quick Books, self publish a book or just manage your household finances better? Make sure to attend one of our business seminars that put you in the room with trainers and other business women that can aid you in reaching your business goals.

teatime_coverExploring the spirituality in sisterhood bonds while sipping tea, tipping out hats and having a word of Divine influence. This event is an occasion to get prissy and engage in an afternoon of blissful tea time.

Where Risqué Meets Classy

Every woman needs to have that moment they let their hair down and throw caution to the wind. The Misbehaving Entertainment division is here to make that possible.

Misbehaving Entertainment specializes in designing the ultimate ladies night affairs. Come into a space that is dedicated to providing eye candy from the moment you arrive to the time you leave. Chic cocktails, vibrant music, VIP treatment, and erotic male entrainment there to cater to all the ladies in attendance.

For more details…. you will simply have to attend!!!!


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