8 things to start in 2017

Around this time of year, social media is flooded with the sanctioned “New Year New Me” posts. But what is going to be different about 2017? Here is a New Year Checklist of things to start doing in 2017 to be on your way to the best version of yourself.

  • Get rid of broken things in your life both physically and emotionally. It is important to take inventory of things we are holding on to and purge when necessary. It can help with releasing emotional burdens and really allow you the opportunity to heal from things you have had to let go. If your phone screen is cracked, replace it instead of using it until your fingers bleed. Holding onto things that are no longer whole can replicate in real life.  You will likely be more willing to stick to broken friendships and relationships, because you can “work around the cracks”. You deserve to have something whole and fulfilling in all aspects of your life.
  • Start a new healthy habit, and build on those throughout the year. This can be as simple as making sure to drink a certain amount of water per day. It takes 21 days to form a habit. By the time the year ends, you would have built up 12 new healthy habits!
  • Spruce up your resume even if you are satisfied with your current employment. Always keep your resume current. It is less about actively seeking employment and more about keeping constant inventory of your accomplishments. It can be a struggle to remember what you did last month, much less what you’ve done over the past 5 years. You now have documentation of your worth that you can always reference, whether it be for a future job, performance review, a raise, or promotion.
  • Do a budget for the year and set financial goals. So you want to go to Essence Festival 2017, and Europe, and buy a new car, and get a new apartment, and take a tropical vacation for you and bae’s anniversary, and get out of debt, and That is a lot for anyone to handle. Come up with a top 3 list and 2 “nice to have’s”. Things will happen and you may need to deviate from your budget. But the fact that you have a baseline is worth its weight in gold.
  • Create a vision board and review it regularly. It is important to both recognize and document what we want out of life. This is a fun activity to do with friends. Once you have a vision board, share it with friends and get an accountability partner. You never know how people can help you reach your goals. If you are in the Las Vegas Area, Make it a point to attend Wondrous Occasions Vision Board Workshop. Registration is now open; get your tickets from our Event Page. Register today for a chance to Win Amazon Fire Stick
  • Set a plan for your goals. If you have had the same New Year’s resolution for years, then it is time to set up a plan to support them. Big projects for a huge corporations require a project plan so why not do the same for yourself? Your life is the biggest and most important project you will ever have. Treat it accordingly.
  • Keep in better contact with our friends. Everyone is busy. We have our own lives, careers, and goals we are trying to reach. But it is so important to keep in contact with people that have had a positive impact on our lives. “Liking” someone’s birthday post on Facebook is not the same as a phone call. Let’s all get better with that in 2017.
  • Stop waiting for the new year to make changes. January 1st is just a day that will come and go like many others. If you decide there are things you want to change about yourself in August, start then. Don’t wait on a magical date to change your life.

2017 is just another year; the important thing is to feed off the energy in the air that is charged with the feeling of renewal. Make sure to set out this year focused on how to live a better life for you. Ignore the comments, observations and opinions of others and make the beginning of this year about securing what you need to grow.

Written By Christina Jane

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